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About Me

My love of baking, cooking, and overall creating comes from my mother. Mom made it a point to honor my father’s heritage and kept a very Italian household and there was rarely a meal we didn’t eat at home. The more special the occasion the more special she made it.


Every birthday cake was home-made as were many of our clothes! I learned to can tomato sauce, pickles, and various jellies. As a child I was always at my mother's side, as I grow older she remains my best friend.

I am now enjoying sharing this experience with my own children. I hope to pass along my lifelong passion and appreciation of creating all things with care.

It is in this spirit that I bring to you Trcka Treats - I hope you too will enjoy my creations as much as I enjoy making them for you.​





This is a home business - All baking is done in my kitchen. Under what is known as Texas' "Cottage Food Law" my kitchen is not required to be inspected by the health department, but rest assured it is as clean as (or cleaner) than many local restaurants.

Legal operation of this business is covered under Texas Law SB81 passed in 2011 by governor Rick Perry.

All employees have a valid Texas Food Handler Safety certificate.

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